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The Observer: "Stratford's future depends on a sympathetic approach to regeneration"

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"At the moment, hopeful signs are emitting from the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), the body in charge. Its new chairman, Daniel Moylan, declares that he wants the Olympic Park and its surroundings to be 'a very desirable area, and we would like as many people as possible to live there'. 

"He wants alternatives to 'the limited range of standardised products' that large house-building companies tend to produce. He wants property to rent as well as buy, and homes built by their owners.

"He challenges the common journalistic denigration of Stratford: 'This place is not a dump. There are lots of people who are entrepreneurial and enthusiastic'.

"... The real question is whether the current high ambitions can survive the pressures that will come to bear:
  • How inclusive can the new developments be, for example, when changes to housing benefit are likely to push people out of places like this? 
  • How kindly will the big house-building companies take to alternative models to their preferred way of doing things? 
  • What if progress is seen to be going too slowly, and pressure grows for quick results?"

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"The future of the Olympic Park – in pictures"
(too much colour saturation on the first one)

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