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Brentcross [one word?] Shopping Centre has a new web site! (Bit clunky, too database-driven) (Owned by non-existent company!*)

* Is there no limit to Hammerson's incompetence? Apparently not!

"Brent Cross is the only shopping destination in London to offer free customer parking all year round so you can relax and enjoy the shopping and dining experience in style, without worrying about your ticket running out or how high the parking charges will be." [Unlike now, in much of Barnet!]

"This website is owned by Brentcross Shopping Centre Limited [that company doesn't exist] and provides information of a general nature and is designed for information purposes only and should not be relied upon without making other inquiries appropriate to the circumstances. 

"Any personal information you supply to Brentcross Shopping Centre Limited [we've told you, THAT DOESN'T EXIST!] or Lawton Communications Group Ltd [that does!] will be used as set out in the Brentcross Privacy Policy. [There's not much reason why that isn't the 'Brent Cross Privacy Policy', is there?]

We think we understand:
"Brentcross Shopping Centre"
is a registered trademark [at least, they say it is].

On the other hand,
"Brent Cross Shopping Centre"
is not, being purely descriptive and geographical!

isn't either.

Yours, etc.,
The Brentcross Coalition
We exist to show up the shortcomings of Hammerson at Brentcross.
So you don't have to.

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