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Laura Mercier @ Brent Cross

"Hi Beauties! It has been quite some time now, and there has been a blog post that we have been urging to post, yet time has been kind of hectic over at the Make-up London Academy {MLA). A couple of months ago, we paid a little visit to our Friends At Laura Mercier over at Brent Cross. We had the delight to meet Flauza, who did our make-up, and it was absolutely amazing.

"Over at MLA we believe that anyone that has the desire and a pair of hands can do make-up. However from time to time we come across people such as Flauza, who not only has the skills and passion, but a magic that cannot be described. A born MUA. Her hands as light as feathers, precision as sharp as blades and in overall, getting our make-up done by her was almost as glorious as meeting Johny Depp or Angelina Jolie. Next time we go, it may require some prior preparation to embrace the opulence and glory of her creations.

"One would have never thought we could find someone so magical and world-class such as Flauza in Brent Cross. It was a delight and honour to have gotten our make-up done that day by someone as special as her. Laura Mercier, BRAVA! you have a great MUA behind the counter at Brent Cross. Touché for Flauz + Laura Mercier = Magic

"So darlings, next time you are popping over to Brent Cross, make sure you pay a visit to the Laura Mercier Counter and ask for our dear Flauza, so that you can experience her magic too.

"xoxo MLA"

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