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[Reposted from Nov 2009] "[Hammerson is promoting] an arrogant, selfish, money-centred scheme!" Evening Standard: "Brent Cross to charge shoppers to park, to deter car travel"

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"David Howard, chairman of the 'Federation of Residents’ Associations of Barnet', said one residential tower block would be almost as high as Wembley stadium’s arch, while the 140-metre chimney of a new waste incinerator would be higher. He said the development included:
"hutches for hobbits, not proper homes for families with gardens."
"As an occasional user of the shopping centre, my ears pricked up at the revelation that car parking charges will be imposed to ration the 7,600 spaces.

"Brent Cross is a miserable place, full of sad faces and stale air. It is overdue redevelopment - and its residents deserve all the help they can get, in living alongside the North Circular Road."

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  1. The reason Brent Cross thrives is the free parking. I might as well pop into central London if it costs the same to pop into Brent Cross.