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Mon 10 Nov: Meeting: "Public Housing in Barnet?"

"This meeting is jointly organised by Barnet Housing Action Group, Our West Hendon campaign, and Barnet Alliance for Public Services, on Monday 10 November 2014 from 7pm, at the Crown Moran Hotel, Cricklewood.

"The shortage of social and affordable housing is one of the most pressing problems facing our communities. Is council housing the answer to the crisis? What can councils do to tackle the housing shortage? What should Londoners expect? What’s the solution: housing associations? housing co-ops? mutuals? self-builds? Must regeneration be gentrification?

"Come to this open forum to discuss with other members of the housing community – councillors, tenants and campaigners – possible solutions to the current housing situation and what actions can be taken next. Working in groups, this is an opportunity for you to give your views of what needs to be done and by whom."

Joining us for the discussion will be:
Nicky Gavron,
Chair of Planning Committee, London Assembly
Cllr Achilleas Georgiou,
Deputy Leader, Enfield Council
Cllr Ahmet Oykener,
Cabinet Member for Housing, Enfield Council
Cllr James Murray,
Executive Member for Housing and Development, Islington Council
Cllr Philip Cohen,
Assets, Regeneration & Growth Committee, Barnet Council
Cllr Gabriel Rozenberg,
Assets, Regeneration & Growth Committee, Barnet Council
Cllr Adam Langleben,
Housing Committee, Barnet Council
Izzi & Sarah Counihan-Sanchez,
The Counihan-Sanchez Family Housing Campaign, Brent
Jazmin Stone & Sam Middleton,
Focus E-15 Mums, Newham
Pilgrim Tucker,
Unite Communities organiser
Daisy-May Hudson,
homeless, VICE News reporter
Jasmin Parsons,
resident homeowner and ex-council tenant, Our West Hendon campaign

Barnet Alliance for Public Services is a coalition of residents, community and campaign groups, and trade unions who want to protect our quality of life, our public services, and our local democracy. We believe we should participate in and contribute to the place in which we live.
Tel: 07534407703 #OurBarnet @BarnetAlliance Web: BarnetAlliance.org

Barnet Housing Action Group works with tenants, homeowners and the homeless, victims of housing benefit cuts and the bedroom tax to fight for housing as a public service run for all who need it. We are opposed to the selling off of our council housing and the gentrification of our council estates and communities. We believe in  'Homes Before Profit'.
Tel: 07913 999 255 Facebook: facebook.com/pages/barnet-housing-action-group/462079237237388 Twitter: BarnetHaction 

Our West Hendon is a campaign group of residents on the West Hendon Estate that is striving to get a redevelopment that is for the local community, not at the expense of it. Our main aim is to ensure that all those residents who choose to remain on the redeveloped estate should have the right to do so. Our community, Our homes.

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