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Barnet Times: "West Hendon tenants appear in court"

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"Tenants who face eviction from their homes as part of a regeneration scheme appeared in court on Tuesday.

"A total of three non-secure tenants from the West Hendon Estate appeared in Willesden County Court today, as part of the process for Barnet Borough Council to seek eviction notices against them.

"They are being moved out of their homes in Franklin House, Tyrell Way, and Marriotts Close on the estate next year, to make way for 2,000 new flats which are being built.

"... There was an issue relating to what Mike Freer, who was leader of the council at the time, had said in January 2009 to a meeting of tenants. He said Mr Freer had assured tenants that the council had agreed to turn temporary tenancies into secure tenancies."

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