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CoStar interview: "Hammerson's Atkins in no rush to sell out of offices" (but never to build any at Brent Cross?)

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(Picture is of 99 Bishopsgate)

"Speaking to CoStar News, chief executive David Atkins said Hammerson had for some time been reducing its exposure to offices, as part of a strategic belief that the company needed to be specifically focused on one sector to run 'more effectively and efficiently'.

"... [There was] a clear decision to reinvest capital in becoming 'dominant' in retail, by creating a fully multi-channel offering over the next five years:
"This means there are no distractions, as we invest in scaling up and delivering best practice and innovation."

"David Atkins, chief executive of Hammerson, said:
"... We have maximised our asset management opportunities and this disposal crystallises a substantial profit on cost, further enhancing our financial flexibility to undertake refurbishment, development and acquisition opportunities within our retail portfolio.''
[Possibly suffering from translation from English to French, to English.
Or he could just speak like this.]

The Hammerson Brent Cross Transport Plan

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