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The Observer: "The uplifting power of ingenious design enhances our daily lives" (as opposed to Hammerson at Brent Cross)

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"A tour from the new concourse station, past the renovated Great Northern hotel and German Gymnasium up to the Regent's Canal and the old Granary building, where the University of the Arts London is now housed, is exhilarating and makes you blink and ask yourself if this is really London.

"This sophistication seems so unlike the routine failure of town planners over the last 70 years – the cock-ups, lack of imagination and compromise. And that thought brings me to the most important triumph at King's Cross – the largely unrecognised victory of activism and creative resistance by local people.

"What now unfolds at King's Cross is not simply a frantic modernised transport hub, but a neighbourhood with a mix of arts, learning, business and social housing; a balance of interests, and an enlightened attempt to integrate the lives of the well off and not-so-flush." 

Whereas what we have at 
Brent Cross Cricklewood
is Hammerson and Barnet Council!

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