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The Guardian: "Cheek by Jowl: A History of Neighbours – review"

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"The records of the London Assize of Nuisance tell us that in 1333 a terrible row broke out between Joan and Andrew de Aubrey and their neighbours. The De Aubreys were livid because the people next door had taken away some of the boarding round the shared privy, so that when anyone used it their 'extremities' (as they delicately put it) were clearly visible. This they felt was 'altogether intolerable'. 

"Today it would be parking spaces, hedges or bins, but the nub of it would be the same: how people get along, or don't, with those to whom their only connection is random proximity. 

"With no pre-existing ties of kinship or occupation, the balance of common to conflicting interests among neighbours shifts constantly. They may end up by murdering one another, or getting married."

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