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CyclistsInTheCity: "Transport for London admits that investing in cycling makes transport cheaper and more efficient"

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"This [new TfL] business model has been the norm for decades in countries like Denmark and the Netherlands. In both, they invest in cycling because it makes economic sense. And it does that because they account for cycling properly: The Cycling Embassy of Denmark pointed out last year that the country 'saves approximately £0.30 per cycled compared to per driven kilometre'.

"If you base your business case on that sort of statistic, then investment in cycling flows just like any other transport investment, not as a sort of unloved last minute add-on. If, as in the UK until now, you base your business case on short-term benefits and disbenefits that don't count cycling properly, you get virtually no investment in cycling.

"What you get when you do the maths properly is something that looks and feels very different to the UK, where we design our transport systems based on flawed business case models."

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