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"The sad tale of a cycle network innovator forgotten by the New Town he built"

Link to 'RoadsWereNotBuiltForCars'

  • Wide, smooth cycleways adjacent to main roads but separated from cars and pedestrians
  • Perpetually-lit, airy, safe underpasses beneath roundabouts
  • Direct, convenient and attractive cycle routes designed not by car-centric town planners but by a transport engineer who cycled to work every day
  • Priority given to cyclists at intersections
  • Schools, workplaces, shops: all linked by protected cycleways
  • Recreational bike paths to nature areas
  • Colour-coded sign-posting
  • Plentiful cycle parking in the town centre and at the rail station
  • An urban cycle network lionised at global conferences and the subject of lectures, books and magazine articles.

Amsterdam? Copenhagen? Groningen?
No. Stevenage.

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