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Retail Gazette: "Hammerson reports 'transformational' year" (From Boris's "Dead in the Water," to new Brent Cross out-of-town cinema? That's progress?)

Hammerson Union Square Aberdeen
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"2012 was a transformational year for Hammerson, where we successfully executed over £1 billion of investment activity, to become a pure retail-focused company." [It's also useful that our employee share scheme is run from an off-shore tax-haven, isn't it? And it's great that we partner another off-shore tax-haven company in developing some of Brent Cross!]

"Looking forward, our visibility of the future earnings profile of the business [who wrote this?] gives us confidence, and we continue to seek opportunities to enhance the scale and efficiency of our business through further acquisitions." [Assuming Westfield doesn't swallow us first.]

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