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Broken Barnet: "Giving it (not very) Large: Barnet's new interim, part-time, temporary Monitoring Officer steps into the breach. Sort of."

"Our new, part-time, interim, temporary Monitoring Officer, Peter Large, on loan from Westminster City Council (hours to be negotiated), clearly looking forward to his association with Broken Barnet. Pic courtesy of Nutsville.com"

Link to Mrs Angry's Broken Barnet

" 'So ...', as our former Monitoring Officer would begin all her remarks ... 'So: where were we?'

"Ah yes: our former Monitoring Officer, see? 
Gone, but not forgotten. 
Gone where, Mrs Angry? I hear you ask. 
Not sure, but it is 'by mutual consent'.

"All the best things happen by mutual consent, don't they? In the bedroom, in the boardroom, in the free world, where life continues without the bondage of contractual obligation, or the frisson of fear that comes from that imbalance of power between partners, personal, or corporate.

"Between the boundaries of Broken Barnet, however, the ties that bind are usually stretched tight as tight can be, and consent is neither sought, nor granted. When push comes to shove: off you go.

"Bye bye.

"Who knows what happened in the case of Ms Maryellen Salter, sometime Monitoring Officer, now replaced by an 'interim' MO, although not replaced, we were told, until Thursday, 9th October, after the most almighty reaction to the events that led to that damning report by Claer Lloyd-Jones into the collapse of governance and legal services in this benighted borough."

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