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Hammerson's plus gros Brent Cross, Côtes du North Circular: At the water's edge of the Welsh Harp

(The Guardian)

" 'Ordre, ordre. Je veux te – si je peux be so bold – welcomer ici. It is not souvent que the Lady Mayor de Calais gets to meet moi,' said Keith Vaz in the pre-rehearsed speed-dating routine he usually reserves for his mirror. Natacha Bouchart looked startled, as much by the sound of her native language being badly mauled as by the nature of her welcome. She had made the day trip on Eurostar to give evidence to the home affairs committee on immigration only to find herself treated like an illegal immigrant.

"... This was too much for Conservative Michael Ellis, a man born to play ARP warden Hodges in Dad’s Army. Having just learned his government was on full 'drown before swamping' alert for all illegal immigrants, he wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to bag a Frenchie. 'You should look after your own borders,' he yelled, eyeballs quivering with excitement at an encounter with the enemy. 'I’m only a mayor, not a president,' she replied, though the French version sounded more like: 'Why don’t you sod off, you rude bastard'?"

Barnet Times, Feb 2014
(Apparently, "not in Phase One"
was changed from "now in Phase One")

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