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Road.cc: "Author scores parliamentary first as cycling and motoring groups co-host history talk"

"Carlton Reid, writer of 'Roads Were Not Built For Cars', will speak about parliament's early attitudes towards the motor car"

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"Carlton Reid, who recently published his book Roads Were Not Built For Cars, will speak about some of his historical findings at the Houses of Parliament next month, with his talk making some history of its own; the event will be jointly hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Motor Group (APPMG) and the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) – the first time that has ever happened.

"Reid, executive editor of the trade website BikeBiz.com, will be speaking in the invitation-only event on 19 November about parliamentary attitudes towards motoring prior to 1905, a time when motoring had yet to become widespread.

"As his book recounts, there were very close links between cycling and many early motoring pioneers, including a number of firms that would later become household names for manufacturing cars starting out in the bicycle business.

"He also highlights how many early motorists having a background of riding bikes – far removed from the depiction of 'two tribes' of road users often reported nowadays."

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