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Daily Telegraph: "Supermarket trick: 'I save £1,000 a year - and don't even buy basic'"

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"...Shoppers don’t have to wait for the chains to start cutting prices before they see their food bills start to fall. And abandoning their local Tesco or Sainsbury's in search of the nearest Lidl and Aldi – or switching to cheaper 'value' ranges – isn't necessary either.

Some resourceful households are making huge savings on their weekly shopping bills by using a range of new tricks to buy their favourite foods at big discounts.

Samantha Shelford is one of this new breed. Miss Shelford spends just £25 a week to feed her family of three despite being fussy about buying branded products such as Heinz and Cussons:
"I have a real stigma about buying basic products. I'll never buy low-end food, and all our shampoo and baby things are branded."
"But her shopping involves more than a quick trip to Tesco. She uses a mix of smartphone apps, coupons and price promotions from all the major supermarkets to get the best price possible on her weekly shopping."

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