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The Guardian: Housing: "Lyons and London"

"Has Labour’s housing review failed to recommend the very measures the capital most needs?"

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"Four paragraphs of Sir Michael Lyons’s review of the nation’s housing problems and how to fix them are devoted exclusively to London, but pretty much all its 174 pages are very relevant to the capital. But is it missing some crucial bits? Alex Hilton of Generation Rent thinks the gaps numerous and vast:
"It's not that the report has a lack of ambition, the problem seems to be that the ambition was not to solve the housing crisis but to come up with a set of proposals that neither have a negative impact on house prices nor have any cost implications for the Treasury...

So this is Labour’s problem. They don't want to spend any money and they don’t want to interfere with a failed housing market. This has left the members of the Lyons group with an unenviable straightjacket and they broadly did the best they could given the constraints. Though even then, you can see a lack of inspiration in the recommendations."

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