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Daily Telegraph: "Planning reforms: councils risk free-for-all"

"Property developers could be free to build 'what they like, where they like' under the Coalition’s controversial planning rules, the Government has admitted." 

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"[But] John Howell, Tory MP and adviser to planning minister Greg Clark, said: 'I have never held the view that the planning system should operate in a laissez-faire manner, or that that would be the consequence of our planning reforms. It is absurd to suggest that in the absence of a local plan, developers would have carte blanche to build what they like'” 

"The Daily Telegraph disclosed yesterday how planning inspectors had been told to start approving developments based on the draft policy, despite suggestions by Mr Clark that he would look at rewording the legislation. Last night, Sir Michael Pitt, the chief executive of the Planning Inspectorate, agreed to amend the advice, after being summoned to a meeting with ministers."

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