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Hammerson's Lawrence Hutchings explains 'the squeezed middle'

'Investor & Analyst Retail Site Visit'
(a jolly up the M4) 
Link to Hammerson PR Morgan Bone's press release

"Lawrence Hutchings, Managing Director UK Retail said:
"We are witnessing a number of trends in retail, which play to the strengths of our portfolio and our management expertise. Consumers are increasingly polarising in their requirements for either a full leisure experience or a simple, convenient transaction.

"Retailers are consequently focusing on both regionally-dominant centres, offering retail, catering, and leisure, and our accessible, well-located retail parks. The combination of high quality assets and retailer-focused asset management has allowed us to maintain consistent strong demand for space within our portfolio."

There's still nothing about Stuart's 'sudden' departure, by the way.

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"UK retail developers eye safety, urge high st revamp"

"'The number of people now playing in our playground are becoming fewer and fewer,' Development Securities' head of retail, Paul Redstone, said of secondary retail property on the sidelines of the British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC) conference in Manchester. 

"Developers such as Hammerson, Land Securities and fund manager Henderson Global Investors said their pipelines were centred on key regional cities, because of rental growth prospects and their affluent customer bases. 

"Redstone said:
"Britain is overshopped. The problem we have is that the number of financially-viable opportunities outside London in this country, which are going to provide (retail shop) accommodation that's in demand, are very few."


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"Foundations strong for retail property despite concerns at BCSC"

"Statistics produced by the BCSC for this year’s event show that 11 per cent of all retail units in the country will remain empty on a long-term basis, and the group’s Chairman Richard Akers has called for reform of rental rates and empty property charges to try and address this.

"... If anyone needed inspiration on how to manage and complete these huge projects they could have done worse than hear the presentation by Ardent’s Joint CEO Roger Madelin on Tuesday, about his company’s development of the huge King’s Cross site in central London.

"He explained how:
  • extensive research, 
  • active involvement in a community, 
  • the creation of something inspiring, and 
  • groundbreaking architecture 
should all preoccupy the mind of the modern property professional."

[enlarged for the benefit of Hammerson.]

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