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The Guardian: "Regeneration? What's happening in Sheffield's Park Hill is class cleansing"

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"There have been arguments about Park Hill ever since it was built in 1961. Its attempt to create 'streets in the sky' through wide, airy internal walkways has caused endless debate over whether they are real streets. But given that people congregate on them, there is public access to them and crimes sometimes happen in them, it would seem that they are as open-ended and tricky to police as the Victorian terraces they replaced.

"... It's all a microcosm of how public housing was treated during the boom. Property speculators became hungry for previously neglected spaces, going from regenerating derelict factories all the way to redeveloping dilapidated council estates. But in the latter case, there were people in the way, who first had to be decanted, or evicted as it used to be called, albeit with the promise of a 'right of return'. Yet already more former Park Hill tenants have registered their interest in returning than there will be 'social' units to accommodate them."

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