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"Kidbrooke Village. A New Village for London"

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"Kidbrooke Village is bringing much needed, high quality new homes and apartments to London, but it offers far more than just homes. The sustainable community lifestyle offered at Kidbrooke Village means you can enjoy a different way of life, with everything you need close to your new home.

"Kidbrooke Village is one of Berkeley's biggest regeneration projects to date, costing an estimated £1 billion, making it one of the largest residential developments in London. When complete it will have 4,800 new homes and 300,000 square feet of commercial and retail space.

"It consists of four distinct yet integrated neighbourhoods: City Point, Blackheath Quarter, Kidbrooke Village Centre and Meridian Gate, which between them will offer an outstanding choice of contemporary new homes and apartments to suit every type of buyer.

"Kidbrooke Village is for everyone. There will be a new primary school and new premises for an existing school. Shops, bars, restaurants, a hotel and office space will gather around the central area, Kidbrooke Village Centre, a focal point for the community. With healthcare and sports facilities as part of the development, everyone can be fit and healthy.

"Open space is another key feature of Kidbrooke Village. More than half of its total area will be parkland, including the new Cator Park and the established Sutcliffe Park."

"Berkeley's Vision for 2020"

"We will create high quality, sustainable places where
people choose to live,  work and spend their time.
These will be places that directly encourage
the well-being of residents and offer them a space
and a base from which to lead safe and fulfilling lives.
Our ability to transform sites into thriving communities
will be considered the best in our industry.
Through our ability both to engage and to deliver,
Berkeley will be the developer of choice for
local authorities and existing communities."

"Why focus on delivering
sustainable communities?"

"Delivering well-designed, safe, sustainable places which will endure
as settled, vibrant communities long into the future is vital to
the social and economic sustainability of the UK.
We believe that a long-term vision and appreciation of the needs
of our customers and stakeholders before, during and after
the deliveryof our schemes is the way we can deliver this.

"Successful, sustainable places emerge from the management
of a complex series of relationships and processes.
[More than Hammerson has ever achieved.]
The ability to do this well gives Berkeley a real advantage.
Just as with delivering well-designed and sustainable homes,
delivering sustainable communities can create value,
increases saleability and enhances the reputation of our business."
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"The Kidbrooke Kite is a hyperlocal blog and news site covering Kidbrooke, Eltham West, the Ferrier Estate and beyond. Do you have any stories, pictures, press releases or tip-offs about the area? Is there an event, or public meeting you think we should know about? If so, then please get in touch with the editor Adam Bienkov."

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"Kidbrooke 'village' rises to 15 storeys"
"Berkeley Homes have been accused of repeating the mistakes of the Ferrier Estate, after they raised the height of towers in Kidbrooke's new 'village centre' to 15 storeys, six storeys higher than originally planned.

"... Despite these objections from locals, Berkeley Homes and Greenwich Council are pushing ahead with their plans, stating that 'It is considered that the height of the proposal is acceptable for this site'."
"So what do you think?"
"Are these high rises suitable in what is essentially a suburban location? Will they spoil or improve the local skyline? And will they contribute to the new 'villagey' atmosphere we've heard so much about?"
Comment on the web site: "At the time the London Plan (Ken's) stated that high rise should only be built around major transport hubs and along the Thames. A train station and a bus stop does not make a major transport hub. And the Quaggy hardly qualifies as a major river.

"Whilst landscaping will probably help break up the new blocks of apartments the whole thing is starting to look very samey. Certainly a lost opportunity to create an iconic development.

"Also the fight to get on a train at Kidbrooke in the next couple of years for the daily commute to London / Canary Wharf will interesting to see."

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