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Siemens: "Isabel Dedring, Boris's deputy for transport, speaks about London infrastructure"

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"What are the priorities for public transport in London over the next twenty years?
"The biggest priorities for us are increasing capacity and improving reliability, while ensuring a customer-focused approach in thinking about journeys."
How do you plan to get there?
"First, by upgrading the existing network. This means new trains, new signalling systems, replaced track. But interestingly, delivering capacity and reliability is not just about capital investments in existing stations, track and rolling stock. You can also get both capacity and reliability from how intelligently and efficiently you operate the system. IT can play an important role here, along with organisational culture.

Beyond that we are also building new rail links. For example the extension of the Northern Line to Battersea. And Crossrail, a West-East link that will take a lot of strain from the Tube system. In total the upgrades and new rail links will increase London's rail capacity by over 50 percent. This is particularly necessary given that the latest UK census shows that the rate of growth of London’s population is far outstripping projections."

(Siemens is supplying the fleet of new trains for the expanded Thameslink line, and presumably will tender for Crossrail trains as well.)

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