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" 'We'll feel poorer for three more years': Grim warning issued on cost of living" (At this rate Hammerson, your Brent Cross approval will go out of time)

"We're full up here, but
try Fenwicks car park"

Link to Evening Standard
"The Governor of the Bank of England today issued a grim warning to families that the unprecedented squeeze on their living standards will last for at least three more years.

"Sir Mervyn King said there was little sign of respite before 2016 as inflation stays 'stubbornly' high — fuelled by rising food, transport and utility bills — while wages stagnate.

"His warning came as new official figures showed that the impact of the financial crisis has already sent living standards back to those last seen in 2003. It is the first time on record that real wages have dropped so far."

Daily Telegraph:
"Pay rises
'outstripped by inflation'"

"The Office for National Statistics [said that] male workers in private firms
have suffered the biggest decline in earnings since the recession in 2008.
Their average earnings last year were worth less in real terms than in 2002,
the research showed."

The Guardian:
"Boris Johnson promotes London's tech sector - video"

Link to video (auto-runs)

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