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TfL policy direction: Making many London roundabouts 20mph, to protect cyclists and pedestrians?

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"A 20mph speed limit for Waterloo Roundabout and approach roads might not sound like much, but it is actually, in my opinion, rather momentous.

"This is a (unique) example of Transport for London prioritising the safety of the 5,500 cyclists that use this roundabout every weekday, over the motorists, who [will] see a decline in the average speed of 34mph on the Waterloo Bridge and Stamford Street approaches.

"Time and again, good infrastructure for cyclists has not been implemented in London, because TfL is afraid to curb the excessive speed of London's motor traffic. The politics of road use are far more important, in deciding the quality of cycle infrastructure that we have in London, than either funding or expertise (though of course, we still have much to learn from Dutch and Danish town planners)."

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