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Review: "Inequality for All – another Inconvenient Truth?"

"The powerful documentary 'Inequality for All' was an unexpected hit at the recent Sundance film festival, arguing that US capitalism has fatally abandoned the middle classes, while making the super-rich richer."

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"In one sense, Inequality for All is absolutely the film of the moment. We are living through tumultuous times. The economy has tanked. Austerity has cut a swath through the country. We're on the verge of a triple-dip recession. 

"And, in another, parallel universe, a small cohort of alien beings – or as we know them, bankers – are currently engaged in trying to figure out what to spend their multimillion-pound bonuses on. 

"Who wouldn't want to know what's going on? Or how it happened? Or why? Or if it is really true that the next generation down is well and truly shafted?"

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