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Mon 18 Mar: "Passivhaus"

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"Sustainability standards like BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes are environmental assessment methodologies; they are tools to assess and improve the environmental performance of buildings on a more holistic level than Passivhaus. They include, for example, consideration of the materials used in construction, water consumption of the building, provision of recycling bins, etc.

"Passivhaus is concerned with energy efficiency, which of course is a very important part of creating sustainable buildings, along with the comfort of occupants.  Passivhaus and BREEAM or the Code are complimentary, a Passivhaus that also addresses the wider sustainability issues in BREEAM or the Code may also achieve a rating under these schemes.

"Likewise, Passivhaus is a very good place to start, when setting out to attain the higher level ratings."

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