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[Reposted] Progressing the Corrupt Brent Cross Cricklewood Planning Application: Provision of Legal Services

"The London Borough of Barnet wishes to appoint a single legal services provider to provide legal advice on the Council’s Brent Cross Cricklewood Project, including but not limited to:
a. Property
b. Procurement (including joint ventures and other delivery mechanisms)
c. Planning (including Section 106 Agreements)
d. Highways(including Section 278 Agreements)
e. Financial and commercial
f. Tax (if required[!]), and
g. Affordable Housing."

"Total final value of the contract(s): £5,000,000. Excluding VAT."

Award criteria  (at least Barnet is actually tendering nowadays, not just routinely paying invoices without any tender or any contract!)

Quality – Experience, Skills, Knowledge & Understanding 15
Quality - Procurement 10
Quality – Commercial 10
Quality – Planning 10
Quality – Public Sector Partnership 10
Quality – Delivery of Services 15
Quality – Presentation 10
Price 20

"And the winner (out of 8 offers received) is..."
Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP
2 Snowhill
Date of contract award: 14-07-2014

"Every single one of us cares about what we do and why we're doing it. It's never just another job to us. Our reputation for standing by our clients and our people is reflected in their loyalty to us. It's also reflected in our status as one of the UK's Best Workplaces."

"We don't want to be acceptable, we want to be exceptional. As the world becomes more regulated and complex, our clients will continue to expect more from us - and we won't let them down."

"Dynamic thinkers with a positive outlook and an entrepreneurial spirit, we're always looking to explore new ideas and shed light on technical and complex issues."

"As clients demand more and more of their lawyers, we're constantly extending our services and developing our insight to exceed their requirements - through our enhanced sector experience, increased international reach and flexible delivery models."

"A human touch and spirit is something you wouldn't associate with most law firms. We're proof that it's possible for top lawyers to be approachable, inspirational team players."

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