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Barnet Times: "Neighbours claim people were 'dragged' from homes during eviction"

"Children's toys have been left abandoned"
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"Neighbours claim people were 'dragged screaming' from their houses during an eviction.

"People living in Sweets Way, Whetstone, were served with notices to leave their homes last October – but many have been unable to find alternative housing.

"The former Army estate is owned by Annington, a private owner of many former Ministry of Defence homes, but is leased to the Notting Hill Housing Trust and has been earmarked for redevelopment."

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"Barnet Borough Council consulting on raising council rents"
"Council tenants could see their rents raised to 80 per cent of the market rate.

"Barnet Borough Council is currently consulting on its draft housing strategy for the next ten years.

"The authority faces a number of challenges, including a huge growth in population, with Barnet set to become London’s most populated borough by the end of the year."

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