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"Barnet Green candidates highlight local priority issues" (Other political parties are available)

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"The three Green candidates for Barnet’s constituencies have made a shortlist of priority local issues they will be highlighting in the general election campaign. Some of them are set out in brief below.

"AM Poppy, our candidate for Chipping Barnet, Adele Ward, standing in Finchley and Golders Green, and Ben Samuel, the Green candidate in Hendon, will expand on these and other issues at hustings and other coming events, as well as in leaflets.

"... Transport: Solve Barnet's roads crisis. Fair and equitable Barnet parking system, not a cash cow. Renationalise railways. Promote local communities by encouraging walking and cycling. Promote convenient, affordable public transport. 20 mph limit on all residential and shopping streets, as adopted by many other boroughs."[Sorted then.]

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