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Until Mon 30 Mar: "Barnet Housing Strategy 2015 to 2025"

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"The council has developed a new draft Housing Strategy to promote growth and opportunity and meet the housing needs of residents.

"Barnet continues to face a number of significant challenges in relation to housing, including continuing population growth, increased demand for homes and associated high housing costs, austerity measures that are set to continue for a number of years, and the delivery of significant growth, particularly in the West of the borough.

"The growth agenda provides an opportunity to provide new homes in the borough, and the reform of council housing finance has made it possible for the council to build its first new homes for rent in more than 20 years.

"The draft strategy includes the following strategic objectives:
  • Increasing the housing supply,
  • Delivery of homes that people can afford,
  • Sustaining the quality of the private rented sector,
  • Tackling homelessness,
  • Providing suitable housing to support vulnerable people,
  • Delivery of efficient and effective services to residents."

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