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The Guardian: "Estate regeneration should put estate residents first"

"People are more likely to support the redevelopment of the council-owned housing estates they live on if they are listened to rather than pushed around"

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"The regeneration of council-owned housing estates can stir fierce opposition and great concern. It would be very strange indeed if it did not. People living in homes they like, perhaps homes they have lived in for a long time, are unlikely to thrill to the prospect of being turfed out. Others may be less enamoured of their homes, which may be cramped, ugly, leaky, cold, crumbling before their eyes and the stigmatizing object of casual contempt.

"Yet their first instinct may be to resist the estate they live on being radically reconfigured or razed. Why? Because change might not be for the better. Because the promises of planners, developers and politicians aren't always kept. Because the process can stop, start and drag on for many years. Because 'regeneration' is too often a fancy word for pushing people around.

"A strength of a new report on this minefield issue by the London Assembly's housing committee is that it grasps the core importance of winning peoples' co-operation, trust and consent if you have decided it would be for the best if they moved out of their homes so you can knock them down."

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