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HM Government: #If There's Somethin' Strange in your Brent Cross Neighborhood, Who Ya Gonna Call?#

# If there's something weird
and it don't look good
Who ya gonna call? #
"I'll get my people to talk to your people"

"Regeneration Project: Brent Cross - Cricklewood (GDV £5000m)"

"Details about the opportunity for international investors to provide investment for a large regeneration project in the UK."

Opportunity for investors
"The overall aim of this project is to create a sustainable new town centre for Barnet [involving 29,000 extra cars per day, according to the supplementary planning guidance], to reflect the evolution of the design of the Scheme [developers strangely keep clearing off] and to provide a basis for the regeneration process to commence within the timescales envisaged in the 2010 Permission [ah, the corrupt Permission].

"In addition to new homes and jobs the town centre is to consist of new community facilities, transport infrastructure [consented eight-storey car parks] with a particular emphasis upon public transport [wealthy new shoppers will apparently come on the bus. Like hell they will], and open space [some of which Hammerson will enthusiastically concrete over].

"The town centre will break down barriers to movement within the site [called the 'living hell' bridge at the last planning committee farce], especially across the A406, and also ensure integration with existing surrounding areas [is that 'the town centre will also ensure integration...'? You may have better grammar than the Barnet job advert, but that is rubbish, isn't it?], thus allowing the benefits of the redevelopment to extend beyond the boundaries of the site.

The development will consist of over 1.4M m2 of mixed use development, including 7550 [where did the '50' come from? Would they be the Hammerson flats on the existing Brent Terrace green spaces? Oh, the mentality of someone at Barnet Council for that little correction of fact.] new residential units, of which up to 750 units may be special needs, student housing or sheltered accommodation.

"It is intended to develop 78,000m2 Retail and Related Uses North of A406, with a further 32,000 m2 to the south of the A406. [We had a rush of CAPITALS there, didn't we, but we seem to have overcome that now!]

"here will be [in your excitement, you forgot the 'H' on 'here'. Or a 'T' of 'There'. Which possibly means this sentence was originally longer. What got chopped, if so?] 395,000 m2 of new office space developed, as well as 61,000 m2 of general industrial/storage/distribution space.In addition [shall we add a space after 'space' for you?] to the above, there are intended to be new hotels, leisure facilities, as well as a new private hospital [that's nice] and social and community facilities." [The Treasury cut out the 'new station' bit, did it?]

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