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Claim from the Capita-Barnet-TavistockCommunications-Hammerson-StandardLife-Argent-Related consortium: Brent Cross is not a car-based development

Reputation Management
"A good reputation is your most valuable commodity and needs nurturing and protecting.  It can be lost very quickly, and can be very hard to regain.  There will of course be times when events move beyond one's control. It is not so much what happens, but how you are seen to react to it, that is important.

"In many ways, a good reputation can be retained - and even enhanced - by explaining clearly, succinctly and swiftly what has happened and what is being done to rectify the situation. We regularly advise companies and individuals on how best to turn a potential crisis into an exercise in good reputation management. A combination of rigorous preparation, instinctive flair and the ability to make the right decisions under pressure leads to the best results, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients to achieve just that.

"We also advise individuals including ultra high net worth, high profile and individual Board directors. This can be on specific communications projects or on issues management across the reputational landscape. [Ah, the reputational landscape. Who wrote this rubbish?]

"Discretion and trust are critical commodities in this process and they must, and do, flow both ways."

What Tavistock Communications does
"We help our clients to articulate messages and open dialogues with their stakeholders, building relationships and strengthening reputations.

"We create, plan and deliver carefully targeted communications campaigns to support our clients’ objectives. We have the capability and experience to handle a client’s everyday needs as well as advising on specific projects, such as raising capital, acquiring a competitor, expanding geographically or launching a product."
Corporate Transactions
"We have advised our clients through transactions worth hundreds of billions of pounds. We have helped clients through turnaround campaigns, high profile insolvencies, regulatory investigations, public enquiries and litigation. Our extensive experience includes working on the largest hostile bid and eventual takeover in global corporate history.

"In all of these situations, we act as our clients’ conduit to the media, to investors, to regulators and to governments. We safeguard their brands and make sure their voice is heard, loudly and clearly, with their target audiences." [Not going so well, then, is it?]

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