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[Reposted - well, Brian's so popular] Daily Telegraph: "£100,000 pay-offs for council chiefs"

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"Ministers [have] told local authorities to end the culture of 'eye-watering' compensation packages of up to £420,000 to former bosses.

"Brandon Lewis, the local government minister, accused the councils of showing a 'lack of respect' to taxpayers after figures compiled by this newspaper showed that scores of executives received six-figure sums on top of their salaries and pension contributions when they left their posts.

"... Barnet borough council, in north London, has paid almost £1 million to six executives over the past two years.

"Brian Reynolds, the former director of environment and development, received a £280,485 pay-off, on top of his £107,000 salary and pension payments. He has since formed Brian Reynolds Associates, a consultancy, and runs the Local Government Association’s 'productivity programme' to help make councils more efficient.

"A spokesman for Barnet said that it had saved £1.5 million by reducing its management team, but that it had to 'honour contracts'."

# You're A Pink Toothbrush, #
# I'm A Blue Toothbrush, ... #
(Sing along with Brian)
"Brian Reynolds Associates"

"Brian Reynolds has 10 years’ experience at the top level in local government. He was the Deputy Chief Executive of the London Borough of Barnet from 2000 to 2010, where he was responsible for regeneration, housing, planning, environment and adult social care. Brian was also part of the team that led the Council to the top Comprehensive Performance Assessment score in 2007/8.

"... At L B Barnet, Brian set up and led their housing estate regeneration programme in 2000. ... Despite the recession, that programme has been remarkably successful at Academy Court (formerly Stonegrove/Spur Road), at New Hendon Village (formerly Grahame Park) in Colindale, and most recently at Hendon Waterside (formerly West Hendon estate).

"... In 2008 Brian led the Council team that negotiated the commercial terms with Hammerson and Standard Life for the £4.2bn regeneration of Brent Cross & Cricklewood. This is a huge mixed use retail, housing and other commercial development scheme covering 150 acres and involving half a million sq ft of additional retail space, 7,500 new homes, and 20,000 new jobs.

"Brian also led on the development of the 'Barnet Bond' – a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) style proposal that eventually found its way into the Local Government Finance Bill 2011 as the Business Rate Retention Scheme."

From a reader:
"Dear Brent Cross Coalition,

"I have been very impressed by the fine development at 'Academy (Stonegrove) Court', particularly this delightful view from the flats/apartments:

"My admiration also applies to the equally-fine development at '(West) Hendon Waterside', including this oddly-familiar view from the flats/apartments:

"I understand that Brian Reynolds Associates have acted as consultants on the two schemes. We should congratulate them (him?) on the remarkable consistency they (he?) have achieved. These matters can so easily slip into tiresome individuality, unless rigid standardisation is enforced by talented and experienced executives."
Yours, P. Rachman Esq., Paddington

Link to RUDInet web site

RUDInet: "New London town centre with CHP plant and new rail station: plans submitted to Barnet Council"

"Plans for one of the biggest regeneration schemes ever undertaken in London have been submitted to Barnet Council. The £4.5 billion regeneration is designed to provide a new gateway to the capital and a vibrant new urban quarter in Barnet.

"The plans for a whole new town centre based around Cricklewood and Brent Cross would create 27,000 jobs, 7,500 homes, 3 schools, new health facilities, high quality parks and open spaces, and investment of more than £400 million in improving transport.

"The proposals from development partners, Brookfield Europe, formerly Multiplex [not any longer; they've cleared off], Hammerson and Standard Life Investments [still hanging in, just], also include a commitment to pioneering standards of environmental sustainability." [Yeh, right.]

"... The Leader of Barnet Council, Cllr Mike Freer, welcomed the proposals. He said:
"This is a major development, that will deliver a new residential area of the highest quality, and which will also achieve the highest possible eco-standards. It will enable us to deliver our policy to 'Protect, Enhance and Grow', by providing a huge boost to employment, while at the same time safeguarding the environment."
"The Development Director for the Brent Cross Cricklewood Development Partners, Jonathan Joseph, said:
"This application represents a unique opportunity to deliver the long recognised potential for regeneration in Brent Cross Cricklewood, and create a thriving new town centre that will put this part of North West London firmly on the map.

Our plans will bring new homes, jobs, shops, schools, parks and leisure facilities, and the largest investment in transport and community infrastructure in the area's history. It is rare for London to get a new mainline station – and we will deliver one here. ['We'? Perhaps only in the world of Thomas the Tank Engine.]

Climate change is a vitally-important global issue, and we will use the latest technologies to increase recycling, maximise the use of renewable fuel, and reduce the scheme's carbon footprint.

'We firmly believe this is a scheme that will hugely benefit Barnet and London."
[Even if stuck with just the 'Brent Cross Living Bridge' [sic] now?]

'Estates Gazette' video

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