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Washington Post: "Robots won’t kill the workforce, they’ll save the global economy"

"Across the world, the labor pool isn't growing fast enough to support our needs"

Reboot to web site

"The United Nations forecasts that the global population will rise from 7.3 billion to nearly 10 billion by 2050, a big number that often prompts warnings about overpopulation. Some have come from neo-Malthusians, who fear that population growth will outstrip the food supply, leaving a hungry planet.

"Others appear in the tirades of anti-immigrant populists, invoking the specter of a rising tide of humanity as cause to slam borders shut. Still others inspire a chorus of neo-Luddites, who fear that the 'rise of the robots' is rapidly making human workers obsolete, a threat all the more alarming if the human population is exploding.

"... [But] it may not be long before economists are worrying about a global shortage of robots. In many industrial countries, from Germany to Japan to South Korea, growth in the working-age population has already peaked, acting as a drag on the economy."

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