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Barnet's Planning 'Core Strategy' is up for 'Examination in Public' next week: This is what happens if it is thrown out...

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"The Government is making some significant changes to the planning system that will affect the responsibilities of all local planning authorities. 

"The intention is to make the planning system one that better supports sustainable economic growth and jobs, underpinned with the principles of localism, with less ‘top-down’ prescription and more ‘bottom up’ involvement.

"The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) will set out the Government’s priorities for planning in England. It will replace the current raft of planning policy guidance notes and statements with one document of less than 60 pages. The final version will be published around the end of 2011 or early 2012.

"The regional tier of planning is to be abolished, including Regional Spatial Strategies and their associated housing targets. This will give you more freedom and flexibility to work with your neighbours [that might mean Brent and Camden!] and other bodies (as covered by the ‘duty to co-operate’) to do the strategic planning for your area.

(In London, the Mayor’s London Plan will continue to provide the strategic context for local plans produced by the Boroughs. However both the Mayor and individual London Boroughs will be required to co-operate with surrounding councils to address issues of common concern. [Like Brent Cross!])

"Your authority will need to have a plan in place to guide development to the right place, and against which to make planning decisions. Without an up-to-date local plan, development decisions will be made on the basis of national policy, with the presumption being ‘yes’. [Crikey!] Some predict an increase in ‘planning by appeal’ where there is no up-to-date local plan.

"Neighbourhoods and parishes will increasingly be able to take on planning in their areas. You will need to work with them – managing their expectations and helping them to understand what they can and can’t do." [Is that us? It is, isn't it! It is! It is!]

Link to details of Barnet's 'Core Strategy' Examination in Public,
in Hendon Town Hall, from Tuesday 6 December.

Link to Brent Cross pre-approval 'Estates Gazette'
video at Hendon Town Hall

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