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Heart-warming Good Wishes to the London Borough of Barnet

The Coalition includes the Bestway Cash & Carry firm, a local land-owner at Brent Cross. 
In this time of seasonal greetings and celebrations, our hearts were warmed by these words of Christmas Cheer, sent from Bestway to the Planning Department of the London Borough of Barnet.

"We have just read that the Councillors and Senior Management team of Barnet Council have received a 'Highly Commended' citation, in the 'Legal Bullies of the Year' section of Private Eye's 'Rotten Boroughs Awards 2011'. 

"The commendation is quoted and presented on the internet, and reads as:
Private Eye's Legal Bullies of the Year Section
"The past year saw a growing trend for councils to use the law, or the threat of legal action, to stifle free speech and limit public scrutiny of the way elected representatives spend tax payers' money. Councils seemed particularly alarmed by the increase in 'citizen journalists' writing blogs and tweeting - and holding councils to account in ways that many local papers no longer have the balls to."
"As you well know, we have personally experienced exactly this 'stifled free speech and limited public scrutiny' problem with the London Borough of Barnet, and have worked hard for a year or so with Freedom of Information Act requests and other important matters. 

"However, we are now pleased that the Examination in Public, and more recently, the support from the Information Commissioner's Office, are starting to pay dividends for Bestway's defence. We are confident that we have set up Bestway with an excellent platform from which to benefit in 2012.

"We said months ago that 'the truth is out there', regarding attempts to acquire the Bestway site at Geron Way [off Edgware Road] for a waste site. It is indeed out there, and we are getting close to finding out all that we need to know now. And let's not forget that any Compulsory Purchase Order for our land will be another, very different ball-game."

"Merry Xmas"

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