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The Guardian: The 'Brent Cross Riot'

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"An 18-year-old north London student with 14 GCSEs who was briefly handcuffed and had a scuffle with a police officer, but was not arrested, said:
"I was at home when I first heard about it. I'd just woke up. The BB [BlackBerry] message said: 'At 5 o'clock we're going to Westfield, at 7 o'clock Brixton, 8/9 o'clock Brent Cross' … so it was like different times for different riots.

"I thought, wow, like, there's actually a force against the government, and I thought of it as like a battle, like a war, that was starting like, to put it into perspective. To put the riots into perspective, I thought of it as a war between the youth and the government, police."

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