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The Guardian: "High-street rescue plan sees Mary Portas set out market stall"

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"A back-to-basics world of market stalls run by entrepreneurial traders is at the heart of a plan to turn around Britain's ailing high streets, by the retail 'troubleshooter' Mary Portas.

"More than 30 recommendations from Portas, set out in a review published on Tuesday, call for a bonfire of red tape, and are expected to be welcomed by David Cameron, who commissioned her to take on the study seven months ago.

"The prime minister had said he hoped the review would help 'create vibrant and diverse town centres, and bring back the bustle to our high streets'." 

The Independent:
"Can Portas save the high street?" 

Portas's business partner, marketing expert Peter Cross, told 'The Independent on Sunday':
"The high street is not just about shops. We actually need fewer shops. It is about offering something that shoppers can't get at home.

Mary wants to create a different vision. She has been brought in to do this because she thinks differently to the previous 26 people that have been asked to do a review like this. She has listened to the social as well as economic arguments. But everyone has got to give a little bit to make this work – the landlords, and the councils, but also the shoppers themselves.

Shoppers have found it easier to put the kids in the car, and drive to the retail park. But to make this work, we all have to give the power back to the high street."

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