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CBRD: "London Ringways"

"This is the story of a plan. It was a plan created by successive governments in London from the 1940s through to the 1970s. It would have affected life in the capital in every conceivable way, changing the way London looked and functioned. It would have changed the development of the city forever. It was far-reaching and visionary; planning on a scale rarely seen in this country. It was a transport scheme to end all transport schemes. And it was utterly unacceptable to the general public." 

Link to CBRD on the London Ringways
"The M1's approach to the A406 North Circular Road opened in 1977, some five years after the Greater London Council had been forced to cancel large parts of the London Ringway plan, and Ringway 1 had been thrown out by both the Treasury and the Cabinet. There was room for the M1 to continue south, but nowhere for it to go.

"So why, five years after its destination was permanently cancelled, would the M1 still be built with space for its southern extension?"

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