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The Guardian: "Why has anti-London anger been so slow to find effective expression?"

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"The Shard stands across the Thames at London Bridge; only a few miles away, but a remote location for the north Londoner. Plainer evidence for the city's exceptionalism is nearer to hand. 

"...  Being 'out of touch' is a ritual denunciation of the government, but perhaps it isn't any more out of touch than the city – a lagoon ruffled only occasionally by its natives – to which it belongs. The wonder is that anti-metropolitan anger has been slow to find effective expression. Lord Adonis calls for the House of Lords to be moved to Manchester, and describes London as an unsustainable amalgamation of Los Angeles, Washington and New York. George Galloway wins Bradford West. Scotland goes its own way.

"These may be just straws in the wind, with the gale still to come."

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