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Daily Telegraph: "Bauhaus: two German towns that gave the world 'total art’"

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"With 400 works on display, the Bauhaus exhibition that opens at the Barbican Art Gallery in London next Thursday is likely to be a blockbuster. Star attractions range from the globe-shaped Wagenfeld table lamp and the tubular Marcel Breuer chair to paintings by Klee and Kandinsky. Many items look startlingly contemporary.

"What puzzles me is how flat-roofed houses and sleek skyscrapers were dreamt up among the Renaissance and Baroque of Weimar. ... In the chaos that reigned in Germany after the First World War, the 36 year-old architect Walter Gropius wanted artists to embrace the industrial world and create a new way of life. At the Bauhaus (Building School), he integrated the arts and crafts with technology."

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The Guardian: "Bauhaus at the Barbican: art as life" 

"...There was, however, growing opposition to the Bauhaus, with its progressive artistic ideals, as rightwing elements took over in the Weimar state government. Financial support was withdrawn from the school. Gropius made the decision to move the Bauhaus further north, to the industrial estate of Dessau, encouraged by support from the local mayor and by the prospect of links between the school and local industry.

"Gropius designed a new building for the Bauhaus in Dessau, a radiantly inspiring functional design with a great glass curtain-wall rising high above the city. The interior was fitted by the Bauhaus workshops. The building was immediately hugely influential. It's one of the real masterworks of international modernist design."

London Bauhaus houses,
immediately north of Stanmore Underground station

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