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ConservativeHome: "Is Milton Keynes beyond redemption?"

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"The Tory philosopher Roger Scruton has written A Plea for Beauty regarding urban planning policy.

"Scruton offers the following critique regarding Milton Keynes:

"When the layout of a town is conceived from a master plan, the possibilities for disaster are legion.

A telling example is the English new town of Milton Keynes, established in 1967 under a plan influenced by the centrifugal concept of the city developed in California by Melvin M. Webber. The resulting sprawl houses a population only two-thirds the size of Florence (a city you can walk across) spread over eighty-eight square miles of aesthetic pollution, absorbing and extinguishing villages, towns, and farms in a tangle of thruways and roundabouts, with the population trapped in little globules between the streams of fast-flowing automobiles."

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