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MEN IN TIGHTS: Sir Michael Bear, Hammerson's 'Director of Regeneration', apologies for Unacceptable Behaviour in Brent Cross Planning Consultation

1st April:

The Guardian
Daily Telegraph
Hammerson's 'Director of Regeneration' is very sorry!

Finchley's Sir Michael Bear, who recently retired as Lord Mayor of London, and who was Hammerson's Director of Regeneration since 2003, apologised for his company's "arrogant behaviour, and unacceptable lack of ethics".

Before the Brent Cross Cricklewood planning application was submitted, Hammerson insisted it would investigate residents' suggestions, only if they gave a written undertaking they would not oppose its £4.5-billion, 20-year planning application.

"We are very sorry," he said.

"As Lord Mayor, Bear served in an ambassadorial role
not just for the Square Mile, but for the whole of the
UK-wide financial and professional services industry"

In response, Barnet Council said it wasn't bothered at the time, and it isn't bothered now.

As imagined, this Sunday morning, by the Brent Cross Coalition.

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