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Vole O'Speed: The Great Divide Ride (plus Park Lane cycle)

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The Great Divide Ride on 25 March, highlighting the brutal severance of north London for cycling by the barrier of the North Circular Road, attracted about 80 cyclists from Barnet and adjacent boroughs: quite a turn out for a cycle protest in the outer suburbs.

"... Mark Wagenbuur wrote:
"I recently came across a video of a crossing of London’s North Circular Road. The way cyclists have to maneuver through traffic, some of which heavy goods transportation, is shocking to anyone I believe. But if you are familiar with the situation on Dutch roads even more so."
"So a Dutchman thinks that the conditions cyclists have to endure to make what should be simple journeys in the North London suburbs are 'shocking to anyone'. Here is a cultural Great Divide. For they are clearly not shocking to most British people. If they were really shocking to them, they would be changed."

Sat. 28 April - click for details

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