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[Reposted from Apr 2013] Hammerson wants to cut-and-run at Brent Cross, whereas in Sheffield it may be KICKED out!

Link to 'Sheffield Telegraph'

"Clegg: Sheffield should not be held to ransom"

"Fresh frustration surfaced this week over delays to the proposed Sevenstone retail quarter, with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg saying the council should not allow the developers 'to hold the city to ransom'.

"The Chamber of Commerce agreed with Mr Clegg that it might be time to look for an alternative developer for the land between Pinstone Street, Barkers Pool and Moorhead.

"The council believes it is edging towards a deal with London-based Hammerson, but it is against a background of widespread scepticism as far as many people in Sheffield are concerned.

" 'People who live here are becoming sick and tired of lame excuses,' said one online comment this week.

"Another said: 'I would think eight years is ample time to get your ducks in a row and start delivering. Hammerson have clearly failed. So we must move on'."

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