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Nicky Gavron AM: 'The future of London’s town centres' report from the London Assembly

"I'm proud to release the London Assembly Planning Comittee's new report on town centres, The future of London's town centres."

"Town centres remain an integral part of Londoners’ daily lives. For all the doomsday statistics on rising vacancy rates and slumping footfall, people still value their local centre.

"Most retail spending still happens on the high street instead of out-of-town shopping centres or the internet. In London, town centres give us a sense of local identity that we would otherwise not have in such an enormous metropolis.

"Yet every week seems to offer a new story of decline. Just last Tuesday research suggested town centres will take the brunt of the retail slump, with around 41% of town centres set to lose 27,638 stores in the next five years. Statistics like these make clear something we see all around us - the number of empty or boarded up shops, the limited and imbalanced range of shops and facilities, and the lack of pride in the appearance of a local area.

"Town centres are struggling.

"That's why the Committee launched an investigation late last year into the future of London's town centres. Over two meetings and via written submissions, we asked the best and brightest for bold and futuristic visions of what London's town centres can and should become.

"These visions have gone into our report, which was released today. We argue that centres must reinvent themselves into new forms and functions if they are going to remain relevant and thrive.

"Public services - libraries, educational facilities, post offices, GP surgeries - must return to town centres, where they can be important anchors bringing people to the high street. We call for town centres to experiment with new built environments, including adaptable spaces that are programmable and responsive to changing needs. We also call for, where and when appropriate, local authorities to consider policies of managed contraction in favour of a smaller but more vibrant retail core.

"These recommendations and more are all included in The future of London's town centres, available here. You can also read the press release that accompanied its release here.

"In addition to being a stand-alone document with recommendations to help town centres thrive, the report served as the Committee's response to the consultation on the Mayor's supplementary planning guidance on town centres."

Nicky Gavron,
Chair, London Assembly Planning Committee 

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