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Nicky Gavron AM: "International Federation of Housing and Planning"

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"I was honoured to give the opening address this Sunday evening at the International Federation of Housing and Planning Centenary Congress here in London.

I argued that, in the face of enormous global and local challenges, cities must be adaptable and flexible if they are to thrive.

"I shared London’s story of adaptability: how we transformed from an industrial city with a huge port, to a centre of business and finance, academia and medicine, and the arts and new technologies, and how now once again we are adapting to a low-carbon resource-efficient economy.

"As London adapts and faces challenges like population growth and climate change, I argued it must remain committed to the compact city approach. Under the strategic planning direction initiated by Ken Livingstone and myself as his deputy Mayor, and retained by subsequent versions of the London Plan, London is committed to accommodating growth in population and jobs, through new and expanded towns within its own boundaries, particularly on brownfield land and at transport nodes."

[Ah, Brent Cross, then. Oh no, it's not currently a credible transport node!]

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