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Boris and Hammerson leak image of new Brent Cross 'Living Bridge' (pedestrian route over North Circular Road, retaining existing Tempelhof Avenue bridge for light-rail)

(Hammerson's Brent Cross Incinerator chimney is in right-hand distance)


From Boris's
'2020 Vision:
The Greatest City on Earth

"This document is to explain the agenda for London, so that we can make our case to government and to the world. It is a route map and a manifesto for Westminster and Whitehall, so that government has a clear idea of how investment in London can help drive the rest of the UK economy."

Creating the future
"We must decide the projects we need and then get passionately behind them. That means boldness, and also humility, because we can’t see round every corner, and we can’t get everything right.
"The world is full of planning disasters [the Brent Cross Cricklewood plan, from the useless Hammerson people?], from vibrant neighbourhoods that have been destroyed by urban expressways, to purpose-built global capitals that have perfect houses and perfect lawns and lovely wide boulevards - and nothing approaching a sense of urban buzz or community [Canary Wharf?].

A population explosion
"The London of 2026 will be busier and more full of human beings than at any time in history - and that is the biggest single challenge we face. According to the Government’s Official Census the population has risen by 330,000 since 2008, and our projections show that by 2016 it will reach an all-time high of almost 8.7m people
"From 2011 to 2021 the population will have risen by a million - the fastest rate of acceleration ever. We are going to hit 9m before New York, and approach 10m by 2030

"These astounding figures are essential to the argument that follows. This population growth is not so much a function of immigration per se, but of greater longevity and of live births in London, often to the families of immigrants.

"Many people may find these figures amazing and even unsettling; they may wish that a tighter grip had been kept on illegal immigration over the last decades. But we cannot wish those children away.

"We need to think about the future of those thousands drawing their first breath every week in London’s maternity wards. They are going to want happy, fulfilling and productive lives - and their chances of achieving that depend on the strength and the competitiveness of the London economy.

"With these demographic projections, we are going to need to find at least another 450,000 jobs for Londoners in the next ten years. We will need another 400,000 homes

"We will need new and better transport links to connect the two, to make both jobs and homes viable, and to allow the economy to perform."

"It is not the job of this document to puff rival cities,
but look briefly at this map of projected
and funded transport investment in [outer] Paris."

AGENDA 2020: Transport
... Secure a stable 10-year funding settlement for TfL, to:
  • ... build a new Thameslink station at Brent Cross - Cricklewood
"Since 2010 plans are afoot for a metropolitan-scale town centre at Brent Cross-Cricklewood with a new Thameslink station and the M1 Gateway. 10,000 new high quality homes and 22,000 jobs will be created. A new living bridge will connect an expanded Brent Cross retail centre to the south of Cricklewood.

"14 million square foot of new development and £4.5bn investment will transform the area."

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