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LSE: "Going Green: How cities are leading the next economy": Final report

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"Going Green: How cities are leading the next economy is the concluding report of our major global survey of 90 city governments, and a case study analysis of innovative green strategies in eight cities.

"... Going Green offers a fresh perspective on the environmental challenges that cities face, along with the opportunities and barriers to going green and fostering economic growth.

"The survey covers key aspects of green policies and the green economy, smart city technology, green policy assessment and urban governance. It provides a comprehensive overview of the experiences of cities around the world, as they make the transition to a green economy.

"This final report includes a new section featuring findings on cities’ policy approaches across six sectors:
  • land-use
  • transport
  • buildings
  • energy
  • waste
  • water

"These results allow for comparison of policy tools and successes between sectors, with the surveyed cities reporting most success in the waste and water sectors. The results also report on the types of economic impacts arising from green policy across sectors, and the roles played by different levels of government."

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